Excavating roots 2

at Art Centrix Space

This exhibition at Art Centrix Space is curated by Monica Jain, and showcases the works of 10 contemporary Indian artists. Using archaeological evidence, it centres around Arikamedu, a hitherto unknown ancient Roman trading post just 4 kms off Puducherry along the river Ariyankuppam in South India. With the objective of showcasing the importance of our dying river waterways in light of the ancient maritime trade between India and the Mediterranean, the exhibited works piece together tales of Indian and Roman objects — terracotta amphorae, glass beads, indigo and gold coins — as items of trade that sailed across the waters, transforming societies in different Indian geographical regions. The exhibition brings together the distant past and present, to examine the cultural and economic impacts of cross-cultural interactions. It also hopes to illuminate the importance of rivers to a flourishing economy, comparing historical trade routes to the current state of extreme pollution of our water bodies.

Jain curates work by Ankon Mitra, Charanjeet Singh, Ekta Singha, Kanchan Karjee, KP Pradeepkumar, KR Santhanakrishnan, Mainaz Bano, Manish Sharma, Megha Madan, Sangam Vankhade, Shalina Vichitra, and Shridhar Iyer.

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