Breathing Spaces: Collaborative Ceramic Works by Rahul Kumar & Chetnaa and Paintings by Kaushik Saha

Kaushik Saha. A Piece of Land within the Frame 9 (Detail), 2017. Courtesy of Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke

at Exhibit 320

Exhibit 320 presents a new exhibition entitled Breathing Spaces, which brings together collaborative ceramic works by Rahul Kumar & Chetnaa and paintings by Kaushik Saha. A preoccupation with urban reality and a search for abstractionism are what drive these three artists, working in different mediums. Like the pioneer of ‘pure’ abstract painting, Kazimir Malevich, who stated that he wanted to invent a new world of shapes and forms, trying desperately to free art from the dead weight of the real world, (‘The Non Objective World’ 1927), so also do the works in Breathing Spaces allow us to interpret actuality in an abstract manner. Both materials — ceramic and paint —create riveting and compelling moments for the viewer, through dialogues on the visual representation of the built environment.


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