Giridhar Gowd. Kiratharjuneeyam, 2017. Courtesy of Kalakriti Art Gallery

Kalakriti Art Gallery in partnership with Gallery Art Positive presents artist Giridhar Goud latest suite of works on the life of Krishna in the series titled Dashavatara. Based on his study of the tenth chapter of Srimad Maha Bhagavatam, his works offer a deeper analysis of Krishna, who an avatar of Vishnu.

Explicating on this the artists says, “In my view, the Krishna avatar cannot be viewed as an avatar reincarnated for the mere redemption of the Dwarapalakas, Jaya and Vijaya from their curse. The more I read the Dasama Skanda, the more I was subsumed by the feeling that the Krishna avatar is a poorna avatar or complete avatar exhibiting all the qualities which were visible as parts in other avatars”.

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