Meri Haar Kya Hogi? (What will be my defeat?)

Supported by: Vadehra Art Gallery

What is my thought?
What can cover the earth?
What is my space?
What is my madness?
What is my cause?
What is my opposite?
What is my poison?
What is inevitable?
What is my grief?
Why do i revolt?
What will be my defeat?

Taking off from an episode from the Mahabharata, in which the Pandavas, the five princes, during their last year in exile reach a body of water and want to drink. But a voice from the water stops them, ‘Answer my questions before you drink.’ The four younger princes drink not heeding the voice and die, the eldest prince Yudhisthra, to be king, says ‘Examine me!’ Then come a series of fifty-four questions all of which the prince answers, Why should the author, in this case Ved Vyas, if one takes The Mahabharata to be only a piece of literature (!), which it is not, want the questions to come from a body of Water?

What does that signify?

I take some of those questions and reformulate them for our times (!) of abundant waste, near ecological catastrophe and most importantly the position of cities on rivers, near the sea, estuaries, where rising water levels would/is wreaking havoc; and our effort to “Control” the Water/River.

With this participatory work I implicate myself the viewer and all those who would interact with the work.