Taj Mahal

Supported by: Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

One of the most innovative artists working with a radical contemporary sensibility, Sudarshan Shetty is interested in the journey that an object makes across its boundaries. Shetty's sculptural installations with the amalgamation of incongruous objects and mechanized moving parts have an unpredictable element of poetry and shock. The subversion of scale and material radically transform the ready-made an enable new meanings. Sudarshan explores material and medium in order to examine history, memory, and desire.

Taj Mahal’, is constructed with more than 250 miniature metallic reproductions of the monument, within which there is a video sequence showing the central dome of the actual building, a mausoleum for love, consumed by flames. One of the seven wonders of the world, its aura has been marketed and consumed as tacky metal and stone souvenirs. The multiple copies speaks of its commoditisation, asking us to consider how an icon representing immortal love, is abused and manufactured as mindless reproductions.