Installation HIGH RES ©AndyBarnham2018-8


Installation HIGH RES ©AndyBarnham2018-13

India Art Fair attracts visitors with an interest in the arts, including curators, artists, collectors, journalists, gallerists and critics. While some visit to acquire art, others view the fair as an exhibition or enjoyable cultural outing. Year round, the fair runs an extensive programme of events, such as education initiatives, artist commissions and pop-up programmes, aiming to increase audiences for the arts within India.


Thurs, 31.01.2019: 11am – 3pm (By invitation only)

Public Hours

Thurs, 31.01.2019: 3pm – 7pm

Fri, 01.02.2019 & Sat, 02.02.2019: 2 – 7pm

Sun, 03.02.2019: 10am – 6pm

Early Bird Tickets

Thursday Preview Pass: Rs. 9,000 (Admits two; multiple entry)

Student Pass: Rs. 250 (Admits one; single entry)

1 Day Pass: Rs. 600 (Admits one; single entry)

3 Day Pass: Rs. 1,500 (Admits one; multiple entry)

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