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Madhvi Parekh. Film still, 2019. Courtesy of India Art Fair

Madhvi Parekh Explores the Art of Self-Expression

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Villagers seem to have an innate sense of it, while city dwellers strive to seek it. Contemporary artist Madhvi Parekh tells us her take on kotha-buddhi or ‘expressing oneself’

With no formal education in art, Madhvi Parekh’s work evolved from childhood memories, popular folk stories and legends of her village in Gujarat. Inspired by artists such as Paul Klee and Joan Miró, Parekh’s watercolours unfold like a story.  “Art is within everyone, but the challenge lies in expressing oneself,” says Parekh. The artist believes that “painting is a way of expressing my innermost self’.

Heavily influenced by nature and her interaction with it, Parekh’s work is largely about her village in Gujarat, which has “all four seasons.” Parekh tries to replicate the colours she sees around her – but believes that “nature has its own colours”, which “cannot be replicated in paint”.

In this BMW Artist Film, Madhvi Parekh guides us through her creative process – including how to deal with criticism.

Madhvi Parekh was born in 1942 in the village of Sanjaya near Ahmedabad, Gujarat and currently lives and works in Delhi. In a career spanning almost six decades, Madhvi has participated in a number of notable solo and group shows.