A Playful Discourse: KG Subramanyan

2 November 2019 - 23 November 2019

Akara Art, 1st Floor, 4/5 Churchill Chambers, 32 Mereweather Road, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

K. G. Subramanyan. Untitled (Monkey), Wooden toy with mixed media, 1960s - 90s. Courtesy of Akara Art

Akara Art‘s newest exhibition A Playful Discourse: KG Subramanyan will show a selection of twelve wooden toys made by the eminent Indian artist and modernist K.G. Subramanyan. These toys, crafted by him in the late 1960s – 1990s, display his ability to absorb craft and the magic of making with one’s hands. The artist has often spoken of art as a language – with the ability to express through the epic narratives from myths and reality, to the small but significant gestures of making toys for both children and adults.

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