Last Evenings on Earth: A Show by Madhuban Mitra and Manas Bhattacharya

Madhuban & Manas. Last Evening on Earth, 2019. Courtesy of PHOTOINK

PHOTOINK‘s latest exhibition pulls together works made by Madhuban Mitra and Manas Bhattacharya over the last 10 years, that investigate the limits and vicissitudes of photographic representation. The works probe the threshold where photographs give up their specific burden of description and begin to approach or morph into writing, drawing, painting and proto-cinema, while retaining traces of the photographic image. They also share a fascination with how an optical apparatus like the camera or scanner sees objects differently from the human eye; a deep concern with the fragment over the whole, what it reveals on close scrutiny, and how alterations in magnification change our perception of it.

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