Memorialising Ganesh Pyne: Photos and Collages by Veena Bharagava

19 January 2020 - 31 March 2020

Akar Prakar, Hindustan Park, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

J. Pyne at Cornwallis. Courtesy of Akar Prakar Gallery

Akar Prakar, with the curatorial support of Ella Datta, brings together a corpus of photographs of modernist Ganesh Pyne, shot by artist Veena Bhargava over the decades since 1984. These photographs were taken during different phases of Pyne’s life, and out of these emerged a group of photo collages composed with great ingenuity and depth of feeling—the focal point being Pyne, the remarkable artist, and his laboratory of lines.

Altogether, this collection of photographic portraits is an artistic project of immense value. It is an unparalleled archive, which memorializes Ganesh Pyne, one of the foremost artists of post-independent India. It also foregrounds Veena Bhargava’s sensitivity towards her subject. Her representation of Pyne as a thinking person with a great deal of emotional empathy arouses a rush of nostalgic memories and prompts us to see him as the cultural icon that he is.

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