Nature and the Body Politic: Apnavi Makanji

10 September 2020 - 30 September 2020

TARQ, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Apnavi Makanji. Appropriation Disinformation - Nature and the Body Politic, 2020. Courtesy of TARQ

TARQ is delighted to present Apnavi Makanji’s Appropriation Disinformation – Nature and the Body Politic for the first time in India. Initially exhibited at this year’s Dhaka Art Summit, the materials for the work were sourced from the Atlas International Larousse Politique et Economique (1950). These pages making up Makanji’s collages are records of the treasures of the globe as represented through the eyes of the imperial powers in their quest for progress and the modern condition. View the show in person or on the gallery’s website here.

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