Out of Line: Ten Artists from Cambodia

18 November 2019 - 11 January 2020

Akar Prakar Contemporary, D-43, Defence Colony, New Delhi, India

Chan Dany Sampot. Civilisé City Girl, 2016. Vinyl and mylar sticker on sheet plastic. Courtesy of Akar Prakar Contemporary

Curated by Erin Gleeson, Out of Line considers abstraction in the practices of ten artists born in Cambodia between 1933-1990 through conversations between the deviant and fecund potentials of its title. The title signals someone or something out of place, and assumes the need for correction, while it also points to potentiality through line; how line gives birth. Dominant art historical narratives plot line’s behaviour and function through time as a continuum: be it for language, symbol, ritual, narrative, or decoration, towards its status as a formal element of art treated within modernism’s value systems, to a conceptual and critical tool of the contemporary. The exhibition proposes all of these and more, simultaneously, when considering contemporary art in the Cambodian context. The exhibition draws attention to how the exhibited artists have construed line in their personal desire for new relations – both freedom from and dialogue with – nationalized identities and aesthetics, through works of figural, partial or total abstraction.

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