Sights and Insights: An Exploration of Indian Contemporary Art

23 May 2020 - 10 July 2020

Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Kalakriti Art Gallery‘s group exhibition brings together 65 renowned artists, retelling and representing local stories, shared experiences, myths and beliefs and attempt at shared collectivity. Each artist brings her or his own narrative and artistic practice, yet their shared affinity is what makes this show both unique and significant. Questions of personal roots, histories, traditions, identity, gender, migration and other complexities are showcased through intimate portraits, scenes from daily life, icons from mythology, narrative figuration, pop art, abstract art, as well as art that is not bound by any convention or categorisation.

Participating artists include Amol Pawar, Ana Sneeringer, Annapurna Madipadiga, Arpitha Reddy, B. Padma Reddy, Beatrice de Fays, Bhaskar Rao, Bijay Biswal, Bolgum Nagesh Goud, Dinkar Jadhav, HR Devullapali, Krishna Reddy, Kumaraswamy, L. Saraswathi, Laxman Aelay, Mamata Siddharth Shingade, Manish Chavda, Meenakshi Jha Bannerjee, Om Swami, Palak Dubey, Pavan Kumar, Piu Mahapatra, Priyanka Aelay, Rajeshwara Rao, Santosh Kotagiri, Simran Dawer and Vijay M. Dhore.

View the online exhibition on the gallery’s website here.

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