This, The Sublime, and its Double

Tanya Goel. Mechanisms, 2019. Courtesy of Nature Morte

Nature Morte is presenting a solo exhibition of new paintings by Delhi based artist Tanya Goel – the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York. Tanya Goel’s works are notable for their exploration of a rigorous abstraction that is deeply invested in the process of their creation. The artist makes her own pigments from a diverse array of materials including charcoal, aluminum, concrete, glass, soil, mica, graphite and foils, many sourced from sites of architectural demolitions in and around New Delhi. She is interested in the textures of her pigments as well as their colors, which is a direct result of how they reflect light. Her compositions, noted for their density and complexity, are mathematical formulas which are established and then violated, resulting in a balance between structure and chaos. Goel’s paintings can also be read as linguistic systems, as meaning is constructed only through laborious repetition.

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