COVID-19 Guidelines


Before you visit

Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the fair?

India Art Fair’s top priority is the health and well-being of our visitors, exhibitors and staff. In order to access the fair, you must be fully vaccinated 14 days before the event, as well as carry valid proof of final vaccination which will be verified at the time of entry. 

Will I need to wear a face mask or covering?

Face masks are mandatory, even if you are vaccinated. Please bring your own face masks that cover your nose and mouth and wear them at all times on the premises. Additionally, hand-sanitizing stations will be available throughout the fair.

Do children have to be vaccinated to enter?

Those under the age of 18 who are not vaccinated can enter the fair. However, they must mandatorily present a government authorised ID as proof of age to be able to enter the fair. 

Will ticketing be touchless?

Yes, absolutely! To avoid unnecessary physical contact, we are not issuing physical tickets or VIP passes this year. We request you to book your tickets online and in advance of the event here, and present your proof of final vaccination at the time of entry.

I am traveling to Delhi for the fair. Are there any quarantine requirements I need to follow before attending?

If you are traveling to New Delhi for the fair from another country or another city in the country, we ask you to consult the quarantine requirements that will apply for you at the time of the fair. 

During your visit

What social distancing and hygiene measures do you have in place?

We are going above and beyond government mandated measures to implement strict safety practices and ensure everyone’s health and safety at the fair. For the first time, the fair will hold two Preview Days to limit daily visitor capacity and footfall at the fair. A limited number of Thursday and Friday Preview passes can be purchased here.  

All visitors, exhibitors and staff will mandatorily wear face masks at all times while in the fair venue. We will also have meticulous cleaning measures and sanitising stations throughout the fair, while all directional signage and ground markings will remind us to follow best practices and maintain six feet of distance from others. Aisles at the fair meet the international standard of at least 8 metres wide and will provide enough room for social distancing. 

Will I need to wear a mask or face covering?

Yes, wearing a face mask is mandatory at all times while in the fair venue, including for those under 18 years of age. We recommend all visitors to wear the N-95 mask for a safe experience at the fair.

What personal protective equipment have you provided for your staff?

All fair staff will be vaccinated and be given coverings to wear. They also have hand sanitizers and wipes for equipment, and further items depending on the team member’s role.

If I’m unwell on the day of my visit, what should I do?

In case of any symptoms, we request you to stay at home and contact a medical professional. 

After your visit

What do I do if I test positive for COVID-19 after my visit to India Art Fair 2022? 

While we are taking all measures possible to ensure your safety, the risk of exposure to COVID-19 cannot be completely eliminated in any public space. We cannot prevent any chance exposures during your visit and ask that you understand this risk before attending the fair. If you test positive after the fair, we recommend that you alert anyone who may have attended the fair with you, as well as your medical professional.