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The Museum of Art and Photography


Deadline: 10/09/2022

Contact: Admin -

The Museum of Art and Photography is hiring for the role of Archivist. The role of the archivist is integral to the Collections Department. The candidate will aid the department in research, cataloguing, digitization, care, storage, and collection display. The candidate will ensure all objects’ information is accurately entered into the museum’s Collections Management System. The candidate will support the department’s goal to provide access to the museum’s vast collection to various internal and external stakeholders.


  • To accurately document and catalogue artworks
  • To digitise artwork information on the Museum’s Collections Management System
  • To aid in inventory management of the collection
  • To ensure end-to-end project management, including photography deadlines for objects recorded in the Collections Management System
  • To research and ensure that descriptions and catalogue notes are duly entered into the Collections Management System
  • To work with the Collections and Conservation team in the care and maintenance of objects on display and storage
  • To report/coordinate with the Registrar for any damages and repairs to the works for restoration/conservation
  • To support in artwork movement
  • To provide access to objects information to various departments in MAP, including Education & Outreach, Exhibitions, PR & Communications, Development & Inclusion, and Technology
  • To provide guided tours of the museum
  • Travel for research if/whenever required by the Department
  • Any other duties assigned by the line manager


  • A Postgraduate degree in Arts, History, Museum Studies, Design, or any specialised field of art, with knowledge or experience of researching objects from the medieval to the pre-modern period.
  • Knowledge of Indian miniature paintings tradition will be desirable.
  • At least two years of work experience in a museum, gallery or a research institution
  • Knowledge of Indian modern and contemporary photography practices will be advantageous, although not mandatory.
  • Self-motivated individual with an eye for detail, to conduct and push research boundaries leading to well-documented and researched collections.
  • A team player who will contribute effectively towards the department goals.
  • Ability to multitask in an environment that is challenging and dynamic.
  • Should be able to travel and adapt to certain situations that may arise while on research projects.
  • Should know the basics of object handling and upkeep of the artworks, as well as make condition reports.
  • Ability to write academically as well as proficiency in written communication is an essential qualification.
  • Excellent organizational skills and impeccable attention to detail is a strong requirement.
  • Working knowledge of software like MS Office, G Suite, Adobe Photoshop and any collections management system is a plus.

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