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Shared Ecologies

Inviting writers and creative practitioners

Deadline: 25/11/2023

Shared Ecologies is a program by the Shyama Foundation supporting initiatives at the intersection of art and ecology – through critical, creative, aesthetic approaches, and collaborations with various disciplines and knowledge systems. Through grants, programmes, and conversations, we aim to facilitate a regional and international ecology of individuals, practitioners and institutions, who share overlapping concerns, philosophies and methodologies.

Shared Ecologies invites critical essays, text and image compositions, fiction, comics, scripts, reportage, personal essays, poems, photo essays, texts, research-led and experimental writings on the theme ‘Nature and Its Speculation.’ ‘Nature and its Speculations’ is a developing proposition around how one experiences, acknowledges, resolves, relates with, creates connections and knowledge around nature in relation to one’s own situated context.

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