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The Quint

How Artsy Are You? Join the Aam Janta In Interpreting These Works

February, 2019

Who hasn’t stood in front of a piece of art and wondered, “Hmmm, what the hell could that possibly mean!” Of course, you wouldn’t dare utter those words at the high-brow, rarified spaces that one usually associates with art galleries...

Daily O

India Art Fair: To the moon and back

February, 2019

In an old wooden cabinet, there are miniature paper dresses hanging in hangers. On top of the cabinet, a little doll is crouching by herself. And underneath the cabinet, there is a pair of wooden slippers...


Das Tor zum indischen Markt

February, 2019

Die India Art Fair findet dieser Tage in Neu-Delhi zum 11. Mal statt. Diese Show ist die einzige rein auf Kunst fokussierte Messe auf dem riesigen Subkontinent und überaus erfolgreich...