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A Soft Blanket of Plants on Tired Bodies: Mohit Mahato & Tasneem Lohani

3-13 August, 2023

1, Shanthi Road, Bheemanna Garden, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

1 Shanthi Road presents A Soft Blanket of Plants on Tired Bodies, a two-person show by Tasneem Lohani and Mohit Mahato.

The exhibition came about through conversations they had through the last year. They were reflecting on their kinship with plants at the time. Mohit habitually collects fallen flowers around Bangalore and preserves his floral memories between pages of his notebooks. Tasneem on the other hand had just started gardening and had gotten fascinated by how plants behaved and existed. While both of them were on these two individual journeys growing and foraging plants, leaves, twigs, mud and flowers, plants had formed an alternate community for them. Friends apart from friends. They winded down with them, rested alongside them and even tried communicating with them.

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