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Adorning Shadows: Radhika Khimji

October 23-December 24, 2021

Experimenter - Ballygunge Place, 45 Ballygunge Place, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Experimenter – Ballygunge Place presents Adorning Shadows a solo show by Radhika Khimji in which the artist explores the body, its transitory nature and the act of looking and experiencing the body in space.

Employing painting, life size sculpture and works on paper Khimji, questions how spaces are embodied, how figures are activated in space and explores the relationship between a place and being placed. Human forms, especially the female body in transcendence are clearly discernible in the works on view and seem to suggest directions in how the body may think, feel, navigate the world and negotiate its existence within different dynamics of power.

Find out more on the Experimenter website.