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Devika Sundar, Unbound and Untethered III, 2022, Courtesy of the artist & Blueprint12

Adrift & At Sea: Devika Sundar

3-7 December, 2022

Blueprint12, C-66 Anand Niketan, New Delhi

Blueprint12 presents Adrift & At Sea by Devika Sundar, where she brings out the uncanny echoes between us and bodies of water, in the way that they can be imaged, heard, and understood. Sundar has been exploring visual resonances between human organs and marine organisms and the way that they appear to the eye as well as under the microscope. Further, Sundar highlights the resemblances between the sounds of ripples and waves and animals underwater to the rhythms of the gurgling and clicking heard inside humans during auscultation and other procedures like scanning. What remains central, nevertheless, to Sundar’s practice is an acknowledgment of the enigmas of the human body and bodies of water that remain ambiguous and impenetrable.