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An Exchange Between Clouds and Rocks: Diana Al-Hadid

March 18-June 17, 2021

Galerie ISA, Kamani Chambers, Ramji Kamani Marg, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Galerie ISA is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Diana Al-Hadid.

Created during the lockdown, Al-Hadid’s works explore the idea of stillness and non-linear time. Her inspirations follow an imaginary journey beginning at the site of her most recent exhibition in Belgium, stopping in her birth country of Syria and ending finally in 17th century India.

In her works, Al-Hadid uses construction materials such as polymer gypsum, fiberglass, steel, plaster, pigment and metal leaf to build paintings from the ground up. She describes her work as a process “somewhere between fresco and tapestry”, referring to mediums both of which are built layer upon layer.

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