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Ancestor: Bharti Kher

September 8, 2022-August 27, 2023

Public Art Fund, Doris C. Freedman Plaza, Central Park (60th Street and 5th Avenue), New York City, New York, USA

Public Art Fund presents Ancestor, an 18-foot-tall patinated bronze sculpture by Bharti Kher. Depicting a universal mother figure linking our cultural and personal pasts and futures, Ancestor is Kher’s most ambitious work to date. Brought to life at a monumental scale, the sculpture is adorned with the heads of her 23 children that extend from her body, she embodies multiculturalism, pluralism, and interconnectedness. They manifest a sense of belonging and celebrate the mother as a keeper of wisdom and the eternal source of creation and refuge. The impactful sculpture is on view at the southeast entrance to Central Park.