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Atelier Tradition & Beyond: Solo Show

August 24-September 30, 2022

Pichavai Tradition & Beyond, The Lodhi Hotel, Apartment No.2, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Pichavai Tradition & Beyond presents a solo show titled Atelier Tradition & Beyond.

The focus of the atelier has been to sustain and revive traditional techniques and the artist community, take the century old art form, maintain its ethos and push the boundaries to bring out something within it that is aesthetically and culturally relevant today. The Gallery at The Lodhi is the perfect showcase of works largely made by the atelier, It also becomes a space to exhibit the collections of old and heritage pieces we have acquired over the years from the artist community.

Atelier Tradition & Beyond focuses on furthering conversations between contemporary and traditional art forms to revive the rich cultural heritage of India.

The exhibition is part of the Delhi Art Week, a week-long celebration of the rich diversity of Indian contemporary and modern art in Delhi, taking place across four art zones, 37 galleries, two museums and several participating institutions.