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February 3, 2024 4:30 pm — 5:30 pm

Workshops Space, India Art Fair Grounds

What can we learn from plants? Through this workshop led by Kriti Sood and Pragati Chaswal, we engage with nature right on our doorstep, and discover how we can apply the principles of nurture, care and dizzying diversity employed by the plant-world into our own creative and personal lives. Participants will plant seedlings and take their new creations back home to grow them.

India Art Fair’s 2024 Workshop series, titled Rediscovery, are curated by the arts education organisation LAND (Learning through Arts, Narrative and Discourse) and supported by Faber-Castell. Open to all and designed for one-on-one engagement through experience sheets, also available in Braille, the sessions are led by various artists and educators in English, with a select number in Hindi and Indian Sign Language.