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Between the Self and Silhouettes: Soma Das and Anjan Modak

April 8-June 4, 2022

Emami Art, 777 Anandapur, E.M. Bypass , Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Emami Art presents Between the Self and Silhouettes, a show by artists Soma Das and Anjan Modak 

The works of Soma Das and Anjan Modak centre around a sense of empathy that accounts for a search of the self under the pretext of watching numerous others situated around the artist. The relentlessness of recording figures in action, not only indicates the circumstances of the subjects, but also that of the artists who take both the role of an insider and an outsider in looking at them. Das and Modak both respond to the site and situation that they share with their protagonists, often as ethnographer-artists, exploring designs of the relationship between people and social conditions. The two artists by virtue of being emotionally connected share the same domestic space which is marked not only by daily chores, but also by several constraints. This space transforms into a site of artistic production, a metaphor of an overlap between the mundane and the celebratory. 

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