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Celebrating Gandhi: Group Show

January 30-February 28, 2022

The Lodhi, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Apparao Galleries presents a group show reflecting on the figure of Gandhi titled Celebrating Gandhi.

Gandhian philosophy have been admired by artisans and craftsmen across India, and the tenets of Gandhism have guided many through their life and served as inspiration in their art. In the history of Indian art, artisans and craftsmen have been overlooked by mainstream media. The show celebrates Indian living traditions through a selection of works by Bindeshwar Paswan, Gandhu Katha, Akshay, Lakhwinder, Chandra Bhashan Kumar, Anaykarn, Nirmala, Mohan Singh, Ram Soni, Jagdish, Shoaib, Imtiaz, Raju Jogi, Meenakshi Devaraj and anonymous artists, and their Gandhi inspired works.

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