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Chance, Chaos, Catharsis: Group Show

April 19-July 20, 2022

Studio Art, W-16 Okhla Phase II, Third Floor, Delhi, India

Studio Art presents a group show Chance, Chaos, Catharsis curated by Jesal Thacker showing artists Aaditi Joshi, Atul Bhalla, Kausik Mukhopadhyay, M Pravat, Mark Prime, Navin Thomas, Pooja Iranna and Shivani Aggarwal.

The show proposes to rediscover these theories in our everyday experiences as language, ideologies and formations. As disparate as the title, the exhibition aims to critically examine the contrasting conditions surrounding us woven by the element of chance or chaos that transforms the sterile into an experiential existence. It represents artists that intermingle these complex nuances with the ease of the mundane using sounds, objects, narrations and abstractions that directly reflect the banal repetitiveness. Redefining the identity of the ‘everyday’ the artists construct, weave, reuse, carve and assemble a language and form that has layers of visual cognizance, memory and experience.

Find out more on the Studio Art website.