Chennai Photo Biennale. A Photo Exhibit. Young Collectors' Programme 2023.

Cyanotype Workshop | Chennai Photo Biennale

February 5, 2023 2:00 pm — 5:00 pm

Young Collectors Hub, Aasmaan, Bikaner House, between Pandara Rd, &, Shahjahan Rd, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Rs 4,000 per person (15 and above)

Rs 5,000 for one parent + child (under 15 years)

Cyanotype is today one of the most accessible forms of printmaking for people with a creative bent of mind. If you are a photographer, or visual artist, or are looking to explore your creative voice this process is the perfect starting point for a magical journey into alternative photography.

This one-day workshop will immerse you in the nuances of the cyanotype process and you will work hands-on under supervision from the mentor to produce beautiful prints from your photographs and with objects.

India Art Fair’s Young Collectors Programme, curated by archaeologist and art historian Anica Mann, is a gateway to getting to know contemporary South Asian art. Taking place from 4 to 12 February at the Young Collectors Hub at Bikaner House in New Delhi, the programme is the perfect opportunity to discover new galleries and learn about various forms of art beyond traditional canvas paintings, such as photography, sculpture, video art, books, music and performance art. Specially designed for the culturally curious and new collectors, the Young Collectors Programme will also be great place to network and explore an exciting line-up of parallel events in the city.