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Dasht-gard: Shad Fatima

June 1-August 5, 2023

Art and Charlie Culture House, 71A Pali Village, Bandra, Mumbai, India

Curated by Ayesha Parikh, Dasht-gard is a solo exhibition by Shad Fatima at Art and Charlie Culture House.

Shad Fatima presents two distinct bodies of work, seeking to embody the spirit of a “Dasht-gard” : (n) wanderer, lover, madman. Shad asks the viewer to contemplate the pluralistic nature of identity and the delicate interconnectedness of human existence.

Shad begins by unveiling a series of portraits and ceramic sculptures that embody the vulnerability, strength and defiance of a Dasht-gard. These characters exist in a realm beyond reality, where identity flourishes by resisting definition. Drawn in by this new world, the viewer is then presented with a series of monochrome landscapes, where nuanced greys encapsulate the often overlooked interdependencies that shape our lives. It is within these subtleties that meaning and purpose emerge, reminding us of our kindred human experience.

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