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Deep Rivers Run Quiet & Epicycles: Reena Saini Kallat & Jitish Kallat

June 19-September 26, 2021

Norrtälje Konsthall, Galles gränd 7, Norrtälje, Sweden

Norrtalje Konsthall, is pleased to present two concurrent solo exhibitions by Mumbai-based artists Reena Saini Kallat and Jitish Kallat.

Their first institutional solos in Sweden bring together recent bodies of work offering a glimpse into their wide-ranging practices. The exhibitions shift registers between the panoramic and the microscopic, the ecological and the existential, the planetary and the cosmic to reveal the divergent ways in which they survey the world. 

In Reena Saini Kallat’s works over the last several years the border, the territory and the map have recurred as potent forms. Her approach, both poetic and speculative, explores a confluence of ideas that contest political and social boundaries. 

Jitish Kallat’s exhibition is an assembly of conceptual and sensory propositions through a suite of large format paintings, drawings, sculptures and video.