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Epilogue for Light: Tanujaa Rane

April 7-May 17, 2022

Chemould Prescott Road, Queens Mansion, 3rd floor, G. Talwatkar Marg, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Chemould Prescott Road presents a solo show titled Epilogue for Light featuring works by Tanujaa Rane.

Light streams across Tanujaa Rane’s work. From the etched lines behind the Moth and the Monarch butterfly in Transfiguration/ Metamorphosis, rays extend into the flight paths of one hundred Cicadas and to the Damsel Fly Long, which gravitates towards the recognisable abstract phases of an illuminated moon. Animals, a recurring motif in Rane’s early works, act as metaphors and reflections of life.  Carrying forward into Rane’s current exhibition, we observe an emerging lightness as the creatures move from land to air to mythical realms. The artist deconstructs familiar forms to compel viewers’ awareness of how they see. The back-and-forth movement, while trying to piece together a jigsaw, draws attention to the infinite abstract and complex details of insect bodies and wings through an unusual painterly precision and mastery over the mediums of etching and colour intaglio.

Find out more on the Chemould Prescott Road  website.