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Eyes of the Skin: Julien Segard and Rathin Barman

May 20-July 15, 2023

Experimenter, 1st Floor, Sunny House, 16/18, B K Boman Behram Marg, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Experimenter presents Eyes of the Skin, a two-person exhibition by Julien Segard and Rathin Barman. Referring to the seminal book by Finnish architect and academic Juhani Pallasmaa on architectures and the senses, the exhibition builds a dialogue between landscape, architecture and the built environment exploring the visceral and peripheral in our urban field of vision through works on paper, paintings and sculptures. The exhibition seeks to question the dominance of vision in the way the built environment is perceived and explores architecture and the urban city as an amalgamation of sensorial experiences, which is often felt beyond the sight of vision through scaffoldings of memory and the senses.

For Segard and Barman, architecture does not remain merely an object for visual representation and instead becomes an extension of nature in the man-made realm. Similar to a forest that engages and heightens all our senses to create and envelopes with stimuli, the built environment addresses all the senses simultaneously