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Floating Verses: G.R. Iranna

September 8-October 8, 2022

Aicon Contemporary, 35 Great Jones Street, New York, USA

Aicon Contemporary presents a solo show titled Floating Verses, by New Delhi-based visual artist G.R. Iranna.

In his latest exhibition, the acclaimed artist chooses to work with an element that has occupied a monumental position in his life: the motif of the tree. Each of the paintings has a tree in some shape or form, and there is a multi-layered richness of compositional and material explorations around the motif of the tree. Even as he moves away from the representational focus on the human figure, the artist leaves an open-endedness, allowing viewers to derive their own meanings from each of the works.

Aicon Contemporary specializes in showcasing emerging and established contemporary artists of South-Asian origin, providing them a platform on a global stage.

Find out more about the show on the gallery website.