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February 4, 2024 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm

Auditorium, India Art Fair Grounds

How can art and technology become tools for creating change? India Art Fair’s 2024 Digital Artists in Residence, Dhruv Jani, MYLES x Ameya and Sadhna Prasad share their interpretations of the 2024 Residency theme, ‘Forces of Nature’ in a conversation moderated by artist Amshu Chukki. From their creative process to their inspirations, see how these young digital creatives are forging new ground in art and advocacy, and gain insights into their projects on view at the Digital Residency Hub.

Curated by researcher and arts manager, Priya Chauhan, ART ACROSS —— celebrates the power of critical dialogue and the critical need for celebrating the arts. Spanning key issues in art, design and architecture from a variety of perspectives including from institutions, market experts, philanthropists and creatives, the series aims to foster an inclusive platform to explore contemporary culture, with South Asia at its centre. All talks will also be conducted in Indian Sign Language.

Dhruv Jani (Studio Oleomingus): Dhruv Jani is an artist at, and the founder of the independent game studio : Oleomingus. He studies postcolonial writing and interactive-fiction, and explores the use of videogames spaces as possible sites of protest and reparation. His practice examines histories occluded by authority, and his games have explored how such stories are recorded and remembered by individuals, organisations, and archives – especially in the form of hypertext.

Aaron MYLES Pereira: MYLES is a creative technologist, musician, and visual artist whose creative pursuits traverse the realms of developing products for professional musicians to crafting immersive audio-visual experiences for the public.Rooted in a background of jazz piano and music technology, MYLES brings a unique and diverse perspective to art. 

Ameya Shinde: Ameya Shinde is a visual artist whose practice experiments largely with evolving geometrical forms and the ‘space of hollow’. Shinde uses the abstraction in Indian classical music and the allure of varying textures as inspiration in his work. He embraces ‘emptiness’ or the spaces in between the ‘somethings’ to create work that is authentic to his narrative.

Sadhna Prasad: Sadhna is a multi disciplinary artist who champions feminine and creative power as a storyteller, illustrator, muralist and more. She was previously Art Director at Aravani Art Project — a collective offering a creative space for the transgender community. She advocates conversations by creating fabulous fantastical realities using her strength of colour and working with various communities.

Amshu Chukki: Amshu Chukki is a multidisciplinary artist from Bengaluru, India. His practice is site-informed and is an ongoing exploration of new ways of articulating ideas of landscape and cities that dwell on the visible and not-so-visible interconnections between life, cinema, urbanity, infrastructure, politics, and fiction. In his work, the landscape becomes a site for exercise that brings together various communities and their idiosyncrasies, where it initiates conversation from localized micro contexts to talk from a specific place. Using experimental film/video, sculptures, drawings, and other media, these various textures of material and location come together in his work to overlap in conversation with history, fantasy, site, and resistance.