Gestures: Drawings and Linocuts by Partha Pratim Deb

18 December 2020 - 30 January 2021

Emami Art, Kolkata Centre for Creativity, 777, Anandapur EM Bypass, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Partha Pratim Deb. Untitled, 2019. Courtesy of Emami Art

Emami Art opens an exhibition of drawings and linocuts by Partha Pratim Deb.

Best known for his unique and colourful assemblage of discarded household objects, Pratim Deb has had a long, persistent and illustrious career in exploring newer possibilities in drawing as an independent medium of creative expression. A student of Kala Bhavana, he drew his early inspiration from the work of the great artists of Santiniketan like Nandalal, Benodebehari, Ramkinkar and KG Subramanyan, who strongly emphasized the importance of drawing both in modern art practices and in art pedagogy. While their influences on his creative process is apparent, his later drawings – informed by the idioms of the post-war artistic developments in the West – show a clear departure, marking a paradigm shift in both artist’s vision and method.

To view the exhibition online, click here.

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