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Happy In The Hippocampus: Rohan Joglekar

November 10-December 4, 2022

Method Kala Ghoda, 86, Nagindas Master Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Method India presents Happy in the Hippocampus, the debut solo exhibition by contemporary artist Rohan Joglekar.

Known for his surrealism, Joglekar dances between acceptable reality and make believe. Characterised by abstractions and peculiarity, Joglekar’s work serves to rekindle an appreciation for unbound childhood wonder, awe, and bewilderment. While some of his pieces edge towards the disturbing, the fantastical use of color plays with the mind, making the notably bizarre a source of pleasure.

With his debut solo show at Method, Joglekar completely skips the line and invites us to pirouette into his fantastical world of imaginary characters, places, and scenarios. A nod to the dream inducing center of the brain, the hippocampus, Joglekar reinforces that the strange is not necessarily scary.