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Hum Sab Sahmat: Group Show

May 14-June 17, 2023

Arthshila Santiniketan, Shyambati, Bolpur, West Bengal, India

The exhibition, Hum Sab Sahmat: Resisting a Nation without Citizens, displaying artistic expressions of over 250 artists, photographers and writers across India, is not only an ode to the core values that have guided the Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust’s democratic mission but also an event to collectively reflect upon the present conjuncture.

It has been seventy-five years since we made a solemn commitment to equal rights and dignity to all its citizens as enshrined in the Constitution. However, in recent days, it is both the spirit and the text of this sovereign document that finds itself increasingly under attack. Hum Sab Sahmat or “We All Agree” is a testament to resisting a nation being shaped without its citizens.