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Imaginary Lines: Zimbiri

2-18 March, 2022

Nature Morte, #7, Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Nature Morte presents Imaginary Lines, an exhibition of nine new paintings by the Bhutanese artist Zimbiri.

Zimbiri continues to employ traditional techniques from Bhutan in her new body of work. On view will be paintings, all rendered using the natural colours of Saa-tshen (pigmented earth) on Rhay-shing (hand-woven canvas). She revisits her familiar subject of the tiger, furthering transforming it into abstractions containing the ferocious tigers, constricting and conforming their energies into box-like formations. She then fragments, shatters, superimposes, warps, distorts and juxtaposes these magnificent beasts with their iconic stripes.

Find out more on the Nature Morte website.