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In Anticipation and in Preparation of the Worlds to Come Soon

January 30-February 4, 2024

Kathika Culture Centre, 1237, Gali Khatikan, Sitaram Bazar, Old Delhi

What does it mean to be alive in an age of tomorrows? In the midst of a rise in post-humanism, AI supremacy, digital fantasies and extra-planetary living plans, this exhibition is a pursuit of imagination of futures that are historic, nostalgic and erased. Anchored within frames of speculation, game design and emergent technologies, how are we situating ideas of nationhood and home, body and gender, spirit and power—the bravado to pursue impossibilities of spaces and structures, experiences and objects, materials and ideologies, rooted in past, reclaiming the future.

Perhaps this is what an archive is.

The exhibition, curated by Wribhu Borphukon, features digital-first artists including Studio Oleomingus, Gabriel Massan, ToNewEntities, Akai Chew and Subash Thebe Limbu.