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Index: Tanya Goel

9-12 February, 2018

India Art Fair Grounds

Tanya Goel presents a neel pigment wall drawing as a solo project outside the VIP Lounge. A site-specific construction set against a finely drawn grid, the work is made by dipping a series of threads into coloured chalk, a process often associated with architects who use these temporary lines to site future constructions.

To create these lines, two individuals must suspend the coloured threads along the marked grid. Vulnerable to fading chalk and the wiggling arms of human error, these lines bleed in and out of the grid below. As the ephemeral and precarious nature of the wall drawing suggests, Goel employs formal and physical gestures to play with notions of the modernist and minimalist grid.

Supported by Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke