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Insoluble Substances and Separate Existence: Solo show

4-25 February, 2023

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art, F-213/E-2, Second Floor, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi, India

‘Insoluble Substances and Separate Existence‘ is a research-based investigation by Mohit Shelare as part of the in/cube residency at Project_Space at FICA that examines the means of violence across multiple incidents and ideas. Deconstructing the theological and political beliefs of the self and materializing a New Buddhist reasoning into the conversation, Mohit brings together images of violence, conceptions of food, and the politics of remains through text, images, objects, and sketchbooks. Cutting sharply through existing measures, vocabularies, and stances, the residency immerses itself in artistic research processes and aims to create a conversation with different publics via open studio and lecture performances. Mohit’s interventions at Project_Space will open to the public on 4 February, with lecture performances to be scheduled later.

in/cube is a short-term residency at Project_Space in the FICA Reading Room. We invite practitioners to propose ways they might occupy our incubatory, experimental site, Project_Space, and consider the possibilities that could arise from this occupation of a studio/ lab/ residency space located inside the FICA Reading Room.

Mohit Shelare is an artist currently working between Amravati(MH)and Delhi. His practice constructs thinking around Body, Waste, and Resistance, which intertwine with each other and draw the sites, events, and conditions. He makes performances, objects, drawings, and text. Mohit facilitates research and conducts modules in universities and institutions. Presently, he serves as visiting faculty at the National Institute of Design, Kurukshetra. His participations include Prince Claus Seed Awards, Netherlands, 2022. Regional Art Assembly, Australia, 2021 (online studio residency). Staging the contemporary: The next generation 2022 (symposium). Home Workspace Programme, Ashkal Alwan, Lebanon, 2019. Five Million Incidents, India, 2019. Kochi Student’s Biennale, India, 2016. Sifting Futur, Switzerland, 2015 (residency).