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Interim II : Group Show

July 13-August 27, 2023

APRE Art House Plot no. 28, Sanghvi House, 3rd Pasta Lane, Colaba Market, Mumbai, India

Interim, denoting a transitional phase, provides a pause for artistic exploration through experimental exhibits. Interim II, a group show at APRE Art House, Mumbai, draws inspiration from the pioneering curatorial methodologies of Walter Hopps.

Interim- II resides in the elevation and recognition of artists through their individual practices, with a focus on the elements of play and experimentation. Departing from predetermined thematic frameworks, this approach encourages artists to traverse uncharted territories, probing new concepts, materials, techniques, and ideas. By providing a platform for open artistic expression and creative autonomy, the exhibition endeavours to stimulate innovation, disrupt boundaries, and unveil novel artistic landscapes.

The artists featured include; Meghna Singh Patpatia, Tapan Moharana, Urna Sinha, Sisa, Ekta Singha, Ipshita Maitra, Janhavi Sharma, Snehal Goyal, Sandeep TK, Sri Kolari, Madhav Vyas and Satyam Malhar.

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