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Jogen Chowdhury. Untitled, 1966, Oil On Canvas, Paris. Courtesy of Gallery Art Exposure.

Into the Half Light and Shadow Go I: Jogen Chowdhury

March 9-April 2, 2023

Gallery Art Exposure, Bikaner House, Shahjahan Road, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Gallery Art Exposure presents Into the Half Light and Shadow Go I, a retrospective exhibition of selected Jogen Chowdhury’s drawings, paintings and archives from 1955 to 2023.

The title, Into the Half Light and Shadow Go I, is the opening line from the Bodh (Sensation) which functions as a gateway to the curatorial framework of this show. It anchors the art of Jogen Chowdhury to the tradition of the informed, and self-reflexive artistic responses to human condition. The curatorial idea attempts at tracing how the artist has been willing to encounter the signs of human angst from his early works, including the academic exercises which anticipate his human concerns vis-à-vis social reality. The renewed emphasis on these aspects offers a wider art historical context positing Jogen Chowdhury as one of the flag-bearers of mid-twentieth century Indian modernism which preferred enigmatic and self-reflexive images to explicit and agenda-based articulations.