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Kartick Chandra Pyne

April 26-June 10, 2022

Dhoomimal Art Centre, 8-A Connaught Place New Delhi, Delhi, India

Dhoomimal Art Centre presents a show of works by Kartick Chandra Pyne.

This show will present an extraordinary body of works by Kartick Chandra Pyne, created before the onset of his health issues. Kartick Chandra Pyne was an exceptional artist who expressed his diverse thinking power through multiple perspectives. Born in a business family in Kolkata, Pyne never engaged with his family business. Instead of that, he explored an unfamiliar language of art sitting in urban Kolkata. His works may look accidental to some, but they shows his constant search for new narratives in life. The works in this show are curated in a way to share the artist’s limitless visual language that the viewer can explore themselves.

Find out more on the Dhoomimal Art Centre website.