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Kromosho: Munem Wasif

November 10-December 31, 2022

Project 88, Ground Floor, B.M.P. Building, Narayan A Sawant Rd, Azad Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Project 88 presents Kromosho, a solo exhibition of contemporary photographer Munem Wasif. The exhibition reflects the artist’s long-held obsession with Puran Dhaka. Kromosho (ক্রমশ), or “step by step” in Bengali, hints at an oeuvre developed gradually, over a long
period of time, in close relationship with the area and the people inhabiting it. Composed across two decades, the bodies of work it displays rediscover various vantage points through which they have been portrayed while laying bare the city’s multiple idiosyncrasies. They range from ordinary lives on the streets and characters in memory to objects and things as elusive as fragrances.

The exhibition overlaps fundamental transformations in both medium and subject: while the photographer’s gaze on the city evolves over time, the city morphs in turn into increasing complexity. In that process, the works showcased in the exhibition unentangle the shifts that perpetually connect the artist to the city.