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Jyotsana Mandapaka, ‘Even the darkest night will end’, Unknown Year. Woodcut. 12 X 12. Courtesy of the Kala Chaupal Trust.

Living a Dark Night: A Group Show

November 22, 2021-February 21, 2022

The Kala Chaupal Trust, Online

The Kala Chaupal Trust, in collaboration with Dr. Paula Sengupta, presents a group show titled Living a Dark Night.

As creators, Living a Dark Night invited artists to come together to hear the anguish of the second wave of COVID-119 anguish and register it for posterity, lest history forgets. The works in this initiative encapsulate a time of despair and anxiety, when artists withdrew into the studio as the only space of refuge. Executed in a space of isolation, these prints look from deep within to the spectre without…but also from darkness to light.

Find out more on The Kala Chaupal Trust website.