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Sahaya Sharma Kapur, Amethyst, Unknown Year. Oil, enamel, acrylic and gold foil on canvas. 4x3 ft. Courtesy of Jamaat.

Luminescence: Sahaya Sharma Kapur

December 8, 2021-January 12, 2022

Jamaat, National House, Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai

Jamaat presents Sahaya Sharma Kapur’s sixth solo exhibition and debut solo exhibition in Mumbai, Luminescence.

Kapur’s art evokes a sense of devotion, focus, higher energy, and luminosity as
she turns to the bewildering and transcendental world of Indian scriptures, gemstones and
meditation for inspiration. She explores the motif of the triangle to visually represent these
ideas in her solo show and this new collection. Luminescence brings together totems for tomorrow in an encyclopaedia spellbound with mantras of higher energy and love.

Find out more on the Jamaat website.