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Manicured Techniques

5-26 February, 2022

Nature Morte, #7, Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Nature Morte presents an exhibition of new works by Ayesha Singh, LN Tallur and Martand Khosla, titled Manicured Techniques.

Previously articulated in a scale approximating actual architecture, Ayesha Singh’s new works are miniaturized prototypes in stainless steel. Always the trickster, LN Tallur has made sculptures that interrogate themselves. His newest series of small-scale works harness the potentialities of 3-D printing along with sand casting, which has recently become a material interest for him. With an architect’s precise craft of model-making, Khosla has created new forms that mimic the verdant proposals of ripe fruit ready to be plucked or the blossoms of flowering trees.

Find out more on the Nature Morte website.