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Memory Leaves: Group Show

April 15-June 30, 2022

Gallery Art Exposure, 54 B Mahanirban Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Gallery Art Exposure presents Memory Leaves, a show of artists Viraag Desai, Radhika Agarwala and Rid Burman.

Memory Leaves is about both metaphors as well as moods of a state of mind during creativity. All three participating artists have used their art education abroad to define their own journeys. Each one is unique and unpredictable in their offerings. In the sensibility of articulations, we can sense a direct semblance to the lyricism of poetic nuances and fineness of practice as visual artists. In all their compositions we can revisit spatial memories that are translated into different mediums; the experience for each viewer will be sensorial; because each artist conjures up memories of a not-so-forgotten past into formulations that translate into a visual, contemplative dialogue. Each of the artists presents a visual language that evoke silences full of ecological echoes.

The show is on view in Gallery Exposure’s two spaces, one at 54B Mahanirban Road and the other at 17A Mahanirban Road in Kolkata. View the show on the Gallery Art Exposure website.